Il territorio

Salento is located in the south of Puglia, between the Ionian Sea to the west and  the Adriatic Sea to the east; its heart is in the Lecce province and comprises part of Brindisi province on the Adriatic sea and part of Taranto one on the Ionian Sea.

Salento is a land surrounded by the sea  and rich in history, culture, traditions and music, where the rhythm of the “pzzica” and of the “taranta” music gives the movement. Salento is art, culture of distant people, such as Messapi, Romans, Byzantines and Aragoneses, whose testimonies are present in the Salento art. Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassicisme merge in the streets of over 100 beautiful countries, along which harmony and serenity give the visitor the perceptions of places where the time has still stopped.

Salento is the area more to the east of Italy, and Palascìa or Punta Capo d'Otranto are its eastern end.

"Tenuta Pigliano" is located in the territory of Bagnolo del Salento, a town in the Otranto hinterland, situated on the SS 16 Maglie-Otranto.

Bagnolo del Salento is located in the Salento center  and is very close to the Adriatic coast and well connected  to all other areas, within a distance of maximum 40 Km, only about half an hour by car; you find S. Maria of Leuca in the south, the Ionian coast (Gallipoli, Marina di Pescoluse and Porto Cesareo) in the east and Lecce, located 30 Km to the north.

The Salento Adriatic coast

The Adriatic Sea offers incredible rocky views on the sea, a passion of many riders and drivers who like to drive along the coast road and to admire the view.

Rocky or sandy bays alternate with underwater caves or verdant landscapes of the Mediterranean. Area.


We suggest two routes, both starting from Otranto, 12 Km away from Tenuta Pigliano.

Otranto, the most eastern town of Italy, is one of the flagships of the territory, a port with an old history, an important center of artistic relevance, with the big castle and the Cathedral, known for its floor entirely mosaic made.

The Otranto southern coast (especially “Baia dell'Orte” and “Punta Palascìa” or “Capo d'Otranto”) presents impressive rocky views up to Porto Badisco, where a small natural port seems to be the first landing of Aeneas in the Virgilio work.

In the south, we find S. Cesarea Terme and Castro, the sea locations most beautiful of the Salento, two genuine pearls, both 18 km away from Tenuta Pigliano.

Santa Cesarea Terme

Santa Cesarea Terme is an important destination for summer and thermal tourism. The landscape is characterized by the presence of many ancient towers located along the coast. A boat riding is ideal to appreciate its numerous coves, in particular the spectacular Torre Miggiano.

Castro is situated in one of the most beautiful bays in Europe, with a deep blue sea with the cliff  overlooking the sea. The famous Grotta della Zinzulusa is renowned for the presence of a big colony of bats and of stalagmites and stalactites. Here it is obligatory to have a bath in Acquaviva cliff where numerous pools of fresh water meet the sea water.


The north coast of Otranto is well known for its beautiful beaches of Laghi Alimini, an important Special Protected Area at European level and the main part of its "Natural Park of Laghi Alimini";you can reach these beaches after you pass the legendary Baia dei Turchi. Laghi  Alimini is undoubtedly the largest beach in the Salento peninsula and extends for a length of 5.8 km. There is a perfect organization of parking and shuttle services that always you allow to spend lazy days on the beach. Alimini is easily accessible from Tenuta Pigliano, 12 Km away, even during peak periods thanks to an internal road.

Then we reach Sant'Andrea, where the pine forest meets that of Laghi Alimini.

And after that there is the small, pretty town of Torre dell'Orso, with its crystalline waters, wide beaches on the border with pine forests, as well as precious coves and sea caves, such as the Grotta di San Cristoforo e the “due sorelle".

And, finally, Roca, renowned for its natural cave named “Grotta della Poesia” and the ruins of its castle overlooking the sea and San Foca with the cliff named the " Scoglio dell'Otto " (named in this way for the shape) and an important port.



The cultural and popular events are the main attractions of a summer holiday in Salento.
It would be a shame to plan a holiday in Salento with the intention to go only to the beaches. Several events are organized by local authorities and various associations: food festivals, “sagre”, concerts, music, dancing, comedies, parties, shows and cabaret.
Every country, every town has its typical festival. Near Tenuta Pigliano many significant events of Salento summer are present.

Scorrano (8 Km from Tenuta Pigliano), 5th to 8th July. "Festa di Santa Domenica"

Scorrano is the world capital of lights during the patronal feast dedicated to Santa Domenica. It is the greatest manifestation of lights at the international level; two and a half million of lights and LEDs mounted on wooden arches along four kilometers; more than 300. 000 people participate to this feast, with delegations from around the world.

Maglie (6 Km from Tenuta Pigliano), 1st to 5th August, "Mercatino del gusto"

Mercatino del gusto

The “Mercato del gusto” is a very elegant wine and gastronomic event with Puglia specialties.
The event comprises more than ninety regional exhibitors along the streets where it is possible to find: virgin olive oil, wine, beer, gastronomic specialties, and food from Slow Food community.
The market is not only the shopping place, but it is the place of the interaction and dialogue with the local people.



Cursi (Km 3 from Tenuta Pigliano), 6th to 8th August. "TRIOTI - Gustose tradizioni della civiltà contadina".

Squares and streets that connect them with their homes are the natural scenery of a picturesque gastronomic journey.

Cannole (2 km from Tenuta Pigliano), 10th to 13th August, "Festa della Municeddha".

It is one of the most famous festival in southern Italy, with its original protagonist: the snail (municeddha in dialet). Since 1985, the Festa della Municeddha stands for fun, music, food, a lot of people, with more than 70.000 guests every year.

Serrano (4 Km from Tenuta Pigliano), 18th 20th August, "Festa te lu contadinu".

This event is characterized by culinary tradition of old time; the Serrano housewives recreate the magic dishes of the Salento tradition with a lot of passion. The secret of success of this event is to find the authentic originality of the dishes.

Grecìa Salentina (3-15 km from Tenuta Pigliano), August, “La Notte della Taranta”.

Notte della taranta

Melpignano is the town where on the end of August there is the final concert of Notte della Taranta (km 5), the most popular music event in Puglia. In this festival national and international guests are present. For two weeks in August the folk music concerts with the pizzica, the traditional dance, are present in the Grecia salentina towns. These festivals attract thousands of young people.





Salento is art especially.


Lecce (km 30 from Tenuta Pigliano) is a charming little art city, economic, historical, artistic, cultural heart of Salento, characterized by a remarkable historical center. From the artistic point of view, the Salento treasure is the Baroque art. Lecce, which until the end of the sixteenth century was only a small fortified town gathered around the massive stern of the Castle of Charles V; in this period Lecce knew a period of intense development.
The religious authorities constructed buildings and monuments for two hundred years, improving the city. Firstly, baroque art only interested in the sacred and noble buildings, but after some years it triumphed in private architecture.

In Lecce the most important buildings of the Baroque Lecce are the Basilica of Santa Croce (1548-1646) and the Government House (XVIcentury), the spectacular Piazza del Duomo where there are its Cathedral (1659 - 1670) and the Seminario (1694 - 1709), and the churches of St. Irene, St. Clare, St. Matthew, of Mount Carmel and St. John the Baptist.
Lecce is not only art, history, traditions, but also fun.

Example of Baroque art are present also in the towns in Lecce province, such as: the Castello de 'Monti in Corigliano d'Otranto (8 km), which is the "most beautiful monument of military architecture of the sixteenth century in Terra d'Otranto" (G. Basin Castiglione); the cathedral dedicated to St. Catherine in Galatina (15 km) completely painted inside; in Acaya (km 25) there is a splendid castle surrounded by walls built by Baron Gian Giacomo in 1535-1536.
Specchia (km 25) is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, where there is a charmant medieval historical center (XV century) and the Risolo castle which dominates the town. And, finally, the old menhirs and dolmens, some of them in Bagnolo del Salento are present, near Tenuta Pigliano.